I’m not surprised that the teenagers affected by rules about risky sports are frustrated that they cannot play, but I’m shocked and disturbed to read that their adult leaders are preaching a message of feeling unpleasantly surprised (“Club sports organizers feel blindsided by having to halt games,” Dec. 6).

This should be a teaching moment to remind kids about community goals, about protecting and supporting each other and about the need sometimes to sacrifice some personal freedom to make space for others to live.

Whether kids are playing as one team for fun, or as separate teams in competition, in their play they are getting close to each other, perhaps – even with masks – breathing onto each other, and it’s completely fitting that our government should regulate their activity. And how could we justify one set of rules for sports organized by schools, and another for the very same sports, organized by private organizations?

Please wake up, leaders, recalibrate your moral compass and remind our kids how we are working together to keep our whole community safer.

Arthur Fink
Peaks Island

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