John Balentine employs an inanimate object (Magic 8-Ball) to put forth his typical Republican Party-centered propaganda (“Predictions from the all-knowing Magic 8-Ball,” Jan. 1). Utilizing this device (it is actually a prism which converts truth into fiction), Balentine asks: “Regarding national politics, will Republicans resist President-elect Joe Biden as Democrats resisted President Trump?” His “prism” answers: “Most likely.”

Somehow his prism makes a critical miscue: i.e., Most Republicans do not believe Joe Biden is the president-elect; they insist Trump won the election fair and square.

Balentine’s next mistake: He uses an inanimate device to forecast human emotions. Most citizens desire the human heart and human decency to guide programs designed to support all Americans, Republicans as well as Democrats. Antoine de Saint Exupéry expressed it best when he wrote: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly …”

What is required in 2021 is not Balentine’s toxic lies, misinformation or disinformation, but politicians (from both political parties) who see rightly and adopt programs of support through the wisdom of the heart, which disperses light and hope in our time of need. With this human perspective, we can offer Americans financial assistance; a return to the rule of law; respect for the individual, regardless of color, creed, sexual orientation, religion, etc.; much-needed voting reforms; and, above all, a sense of fairness.

Employing the human heart, rather than an inanimate object, we can “see rightly” that Gov. Mills and Dr. Shah have devoted themselves to protecting us. One only hopes that Mr. LePage will remain in Florida with his Magic 8-Ball. Maybe 2021 will deliver a “heart” to Mr. Balentine and he replaces his Magic 8-Ball with empathy for his fellow American citizens – hope springs eternal.

John M. Mishler