The Maine vaccination plan being presented on the governor’s website is grossly unfair to the residents of York County and needs to be addressed immediately.

As of Jan. 20, Aroostook County, with a population of 67,000, has five – count them – five vaccination sites while York County has just one – that is correct, one site – for a population of 207,000 people. If there is any logic in this, explain it to me please.

In addition, I am hearing the excuse that they do not know when or how much of the vaccine we will be receiving as the problem. This is an unacceptable reason for the total lack of preparedness Maine is demonstrating in its failure to distribute the vaccine fairly and timely when it arrives.

Perhaps we should all move to Florida where grocery stores (Publix) and drive-through sites are delivering the vaccine.

Please, Gov. Mills, help!

Don Anderson

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