I am writing to express my concern about the fairness of immunization delivery.

I am not part of the MaineHealth system of hospitals and medical practices, though many of my friends are. All of these people have been contacted by the system and given a number to call to set up a day for immunization.

My small rural clinic is not going to get any vaccine (at least as far as the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention is letting them know). So, I am told to call MaineHealth and set up an appointment. But of course, what I am seeing, among people I know, is that all MaineHealth patients are going before the general public and the phone number given on the Maine CDC website is the same number given for most of the state.

This is another example of the big money, and thus resources, getting preferential treatment. Those of us using small, unaffiliated health care facilities get to wait. My friends all have their appointments. I get to wait.

James Brown

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