AUGUSTA — A Maine legislator wants the state to be more transparent about what pesticides are used on school grounds.

Democratic Sen. Mattie Daughtry of Brunswick said Thursday that her proposal would require schools to submit pest management logs to state authorities, and post inspection results publicly. She said she became aware of the issue when she was in high school and pesticides were inappropriately sprayed on a windy day.

Daughtry said the bill is “seeking to build on work that’s already been done over the years to improve families’ and the public’s awareness of what pesticides are being used at local schools.”

The proposal was subject to a public hearing on Thursday in which Kathy Murray, a state integrated pest management entomologist, testified in support. Murray said the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry “supports making these records more easily accessible to the general public.”

The proposal will face more action in a state legislative committee.

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