Durham select board members took the first step at Tuesday’s meeting to resolve the $3.6 million municipal budget, which was left up in the air after last week’s contradictory town vote.

“The town approved in the spending articles a total amount to be raised greater than the levy limit and said ‘no’ to raising the limit,” said Select Board Chair Kevin Nadeau.

While the select board originally thought the vote put them around $400,000 over the limit, according to Nadeau, “there was a significant error made in the calculation,” and the town is actually just under $87,000 over the limit.

The select board unanimously approved Nadeau’s recommendation to not ask the town to raise the levy limit but instead send the debt service article back out to voters, funding it partially through capital reserves.

“It wouldn’t change the results of the April 6 election at all,” Nadeau said. “It would change slightly where just under $87,000 of the money to pay the debt service question would be coming from.”

The recommendation will now go to the budget committee for review. The select board will likely decide at their April 27 meeting on whether to hold a town meeting or ballot vote for the question.

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