SACO — The 2021 Mr. & Ms. Maine and Northeast Championships were held on May 8 in Saco at XL Sports.

The sold-out event was part of an international contest having some of the day’s competitors originally from Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Romania, according to a press release.

Local competitor Christine Paul was awarded Ms. Maine Wellness Champion. Gator Orbezan captured the Maine Men’s Bodybuilding division and Nick Hebert placed 5th in the Men’s Physique category.

Marcello Tertuliano and Chelsea Morrill will represent Team USA in a future International contest.

The International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness is 204 affiliated nations strong and is the fourth largest Sports Federation in the world, according to the release. It was started by Ben Weider in 1946 and its current President is Dr Rafael Santina. The IFBB headquarters are located in Madrid, Spain. IFBB is a member of GAISF, International World Games Association, UNESCO, ICSSPE, amongst many other prestigious international bodies. It is also recognized as the sole International Sport Federation for the Sport of Bodybuilding and Fitness that is in full compliance with the WADA Code. The IFBB was part of the Pan Am Games in Lima, Peru, in August 2019.

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