Hannaford supermarkets is now offering a grocery delivery service to Greater Portland and has added its Hannaford To Go grocery pickup service to its store at 295 Forest Ave. in Portland.

The delivery service fee is $10, while the pickup service fee is $3 for orders of more than $125 and $5 for orders less than $125, the company said Wednesday. There is no service fee on a customer’s first To Go pickup order.

Deliveries, which take at least four hours, are available for nearly all ZIP Codes from Lewiston to York, the company said.

Hannaford is collaborating with Shipt on the delivery part of the service. Shipt is an Alabama-based company that provides shopping and delivery services for a variety of national retailers selling groceries and household goods.

Erika Dodge, a spokeswoman for Hannaford, said employees will do the grocery “picking” for delivery and To Go customers and Shipt will handle the actual delivery from the store to the customer’s home. She said Hannaford provides extensive training to its pickers and offers customers options on some goods, such as produce, for factors such as the degree of ripeness a customer prefers. For instance, she said, a consumer could opt for bananas that are a few days away from full ripeness and the pickers are trained to meet that preference.

The pickers are also trained on how to judge the ripeness of some products, such as avocados, Dodge said, and are given tips on how to pick items such as meat that match a customer’s preferences.


She said the company is proud of its “caliber of quality control” on those items.

Hannaford has been working for months on rolling out the delivery service to Maine’s densest population area, Dodge said. The pandemic didn’t delay the rollout, she said, and the company has spent months “escalating our work on digital platforms” that are used in the To Go and delivery services.

Company officials said they expect the services will be especially popular in September with the return of in-person learning at local schools. Families that are stressed for time will appreciate the convenience of the services, they said.

The addition of To Go service at the Forest Avenue store is also expected to be popular, company officials said. The store is one of Hannaford’s largest and is located in downtown Portland just off a busy commuter route.

For more information, visit hannaford.com/hannaford-to-go.

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