Chef Leon Vuong of Seven Seas Food & Company in Portland will face off against 12 other chefs from around the country Aug. 7  in New Orleans for the 2021 Great American Seafood Cook-Off.

During the event, the 13 chefs, who are each representing their home state or territory, will cook in front of a live audience and a panel of nationally acclaimed judges.

“Following a challenging year for all of us, the Great American Seafood Cook-Off is the perfect stage to celebrate Louisiana and America’s domestic seafood industry – the best in the world,” said Louisiana Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser. “This year we are excited to welcome a very talented field of chefs from all over the country vying to be crowned the next ‘King or Queen of American Seafood’ right here in New Orleans. Each chef will be showcasing their skills with domestic seafood to present the best seafood dishes.”

Each dish will be scored based on presentation, creativity, composition, craftsmanship and flavor.

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