I am compelled to write this as I watch another luxury condo being built down the block from where I live in East Bayside.

I question, how can the developers who have built so many of these high-end buildings put their rights as a businessperson ahead of being a good humanitarian? A humanitarian would also make room for the young, as well as people with low incomes.

I wonder how the Portland Planning Board can defend giving these developers the permits to build luxury condos while they destroy affordable housing. This was a choice the Planning Board made, to enable the wealthy to have homes built for them as they take away apartments and homes with reasonable rents. And how do the Portland city councilors sleep at night knowing their actions have facilitated all of this?

I am so saddened that these three groups, who control our fates, have chosen big business over caring for all of our Portland citizens. Shame on them! It’s time they did some soul searching to ask themselves why young people and low-income people don’t receive the same level of respect and consideration they give to the wealthy.

Jessica Lockhart

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