The excellent report, ‘Hospitals report few departures over vaccine mandate’ (Oct. 3) is encouraging.

Organized opposition by nurses against mandated COVID-19 vaccination is incomprehensible. Do these so-called health care workers not subscribe to the first precept of medical practice prescribed in the Hippocratic Oath, “Do no harm?”

The Coalition against Medical Mandates might reflect on another ancient proverb: “Physician, heal thyself,” spoken by Jesus and quoted by first century evangelist Luke (Luke 4:23), whom St. Paul calls “the beloved physician” (Col. 4:14).

Apparently, this coalition subscribes to the 19th century medical precept: “Any mummery will cure, if the patient’s faith is strong in it.” (Mark Twain, “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court,” 1889).

I recommend that non-vaccinated healthcare workers make a visit to the nearest children’s hospital or clinic, or visit a school’s special education department to observe the disabilities and defects that were caused by adults who rejected mandated vaccinations.

When unvaccinated relatives called this summer to arrange for a visit in Maine, my wife and I said, “No. There’ll be no lobster roll luncheon until you get vaccinated.”

Next time we get such a call, I will instruct them to put my name on the list to be notified for the wake and funeral.

Robert Lyons

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