From left to right: Walmart Store Manager Adam Tremblay, Samantha Varney, Olivia Booker, Luke Booker and Cici Cielinski. Photo courtesy of Samantha Varney

Gartley Street School was recently awarded community grants from the Brunswick Walmart. With the grants, the students are able to expand their cultural experiences and increase their expeditionary learning.

Students and staff at Gartley Street school take pride in giving back to the community and volunteering. So far this school year, they have volunteered with the Cumberland Farmer’s Club with preparing the fairgrounds for the yearly fair, helped Positive Change Lisbon prepare and advertise for their Community wide yard sale, and are currently working with Positive Change Lisbon preparing flyers and banners for the Harvest Festival. Yearly activities include cleaning the local cemetery for Memorial Day; working with Good Shepherd Food Bank, The Maine Wildlife Park and the school district; cleaning buses; and mentoring younger students.

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