If you think television commercials for Question 1 have become more confusing, you are not alone. This confusion is intentional, and shame on the powers that be for making it so.

There are now two parts to this question: The first being the energy corridor, and the second being empowering the state Legislature. These two parts may or may not be related depending on the issue at hand.

The way I see it, if one votes “yes” to stop the corridor, then you also vote ‘yes’ to give power to the Legislature that you may not want to give.

If one votes “no” to deny legislative power, then you have also said “no” to stopping the corridor which you may not want to do.

If one wants to vote “yes” on one part, but “no” on the other, you are prevented from doing so because they have joined the two. I call foul!

Pamela Brant

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