I am writing – once again – in support of the urgent effort to give legislative support to the people’s right to fair and easy access to vote. This time, it is in the form of the Freedom to Vote Act.

I am urging all who read this to please write to or call our U.S. Senators; Angus King, and Susan Collins – especially Sen. Collins, since Sen. King is a sponsor of this act. Write or call to urge passage of this act and please do so now.

In view of the efforts of the Republican party to try to seize power any way they can – other than by supporting almost anything that most Americans actually approve of, including fair access to voting – the urgency to pass the Freedom to Vote Act cannot be overstated. Without the vote, the fundamental bedrock of democracy, America will simply continue to play out our ongoing Greek tragedy of dysfunction and power grabs that will render us all powerless – everyone of us.

Michael Thompson

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