I am looking forward to Thanksgiving next week. It is special to have a whole season devoted to gratitude. Since the pandemic began, finding time for reflection and empathy has meant more than ever to us. It always humbles to learn about people’s hidden struggles.

To start with, Julia and I are thankful for our home, the centerpiece of our holiday season. It Is a warm, inviting place where we can gather friends and family together to celebrate. To be able to cook, relax, and make memories in a place that is your own is a blessing.

Next week, my oldest daughter will be home for the holiday from college. Wednesday evening, we will volunteer at the St. Vincent DePaul soup kitchen in Portland and serve dinner to people in need of a warm meal. We started this tradition when the girls were young and first recognized homelessness as a problem. Over the years, we have found other simple ways to give back and regularly socialize with all our neighbors.

Then, two nights later, the Christmas Tree in Monument Square will be lit. I know the magic is a little lost on teenagers, but they’ll be back one day. And I’ll guarantee their return in December, when we spend a day in the square, ringing the bell for Salvation Army. It is beautiful to watch the small donations of passersby pile up, showing how a little bit from everyone makes a big difference.

As I’ve gotten older, the principles of spiritual economics have become clearer. It’s simple: the more you give, the more you get. Enjoy your life, enjoy your family and friends, and consider showing your gratitude by giving back. What you give and what you get may not always be tangible things, but as life goes on, the return on generosity is an immeasurable wealth of spirit.

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