At the end of October, I could not sleep because nature seemed so out of whack with the constant rain, bright green grass and warm weather.

Global warming has concerned me for decades but now the results are here. Climate change does not cause storms, but it makes them worse – the warm air carries more water and disrupts the air streams. While we have more water, 58 percent of the world is having more droughts.

The modern lifestyle we have enjoyed for many decades has been based on burning fossil fuels. For much of this time we did not realize the damage we were causing our planet, but now we do. As well as the natural disasters, medical experts say we are in danger of losing the last 50 years of progress in public health because of climate change. Climate modeling shows that if we quickly change to renewables this will protect our standard of living rather than harm it. The technology to do this exists, we just need the public will.

Many nations have carbon fees that economically move their countries toward renewables. Instead of subsidizing fossil fuels, Americans need to demand our legislators pass the reconciliation bill with a carbon price included. Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King and Reps. Chellie Pingree and Jared Golden know this is needed but they are concerned about their next election and the fossil fuel business has deep pockets come election time.

Our legislators will not act unless they know you support this and will help them stay in office. Look out your window and call them.

Nancy Hasenfus

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