The speed limit on a portion of North Street, from Locke Street to Mill Lane, is 30 mph, according to the Maine Department of Transportation, even though road markings and signs have read 25 mph for at least a decade. A change is planned for the signs.

KENNEBUNKPORT – The speed limit signs on a portion of North Street are changing. Motorists accustomed to seeing 25 mph  signs in the area of Locke Street to near Spring Street will soon see 30 mph signs instead, from Locke Street to Mill Lane.

Apparently, the area has been a 30 mph. zone all along, according to the Maine Department of Transportation. North Street is a state road, and the department of transportation sets the speed limit.

At some point, however, Police Chief Craig Sanford is not sure when, the signs were changed to 25 mph in that area. It happened prior to his arrival in Kennebunkport in 2011.

He wrote to the transportation department on June 5, 2019, pointing out the discrepancy, looking for a review of the speed limit.

“Professionally, I feel the area should be re-evaluated and consideration given to making it an official 25 mph zone,” from Spring Street to Beachwood Avenue,” Sanford wrote. “The area is heavily populated with a large amount of pedestrian traffic as well as frequent traffic backups due to summer volume.”

In the 2019 letter, he said it is impossible for police to enforce the speed limit posted on the signs, knowing that it is inaccurate.

The Maine Department of Transportation responded on Nov. 4. and said the portion of North Street from Arundel Road to Mill Lane would be 30 mph, and Mill Lane to Spring Street, 25 mph. The department also made a previously unstudied portion of North Street, from Arundel Road to Sinnott Road, 30 mph.

Sanford informed the board of selectmen about the state’s decision at the Nov.10  meeting. He said the department of transportation looks at traffic flows, crash data and congestion and decided 30 mph was appropriate from Locke Street to Mill Lane.

“And we have no choice, but to change it,” commented selectman Allen Daggett.

The 25 mph markings on the roadway and the 25 mph signs must be removed, said Sanford at the meeting.

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