In response to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, for the Aug. 25, 2020, shootings in Kenosha, Wisconsin:

It was impossible for Mr. Rittenhouse to have acted in self-defense when he walked into the Kenosha demonstration while carrying a loaded semiautomatic rifle, because, by doing so, he was responsible for perpetrating the entire series of tragic events that ensued.

Because Rittenhouse made such a dangerous and unlawful decision to bring the loaded weapon into an already-volatile situation in the first place, he therefore brought the tragedy that ensued – including the shootings that left two victims dead and one victim injured – upon himself. Rittenhouse’s defense lawyers attempted to portray Rittenhouse as the “victim” who was acting in self-defense, but it is impossible for a person to be both the perpetrator and the victim of a crime at the same time. Therefore, it is impossible for an individual to claim self-defense against his own self and against his own unlawful and lethal actions.

Hopefully, a civil lawsuit will take place wherein Mr. Rittenhouse will be held accountable for his crimes, thereby helping to correct the disastrous decision that was made in the Kenosha criminal court. “We the people” cannot coexist peacefully in our democracy if individuals are allowed to get away with carrying loaded weapons in public and then shooting and killing innocent victims with those weapons. If Rittenhouse isn’t brought to justice, our fragile democracy will become more susceptible to falling into the hands of feudalistic interest groups like the National Rifle Association.

Thomas Kurtz

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