The Bath community is mourning the loss of music teacher Anthony Marro, pictured here at Morse High School graduation in 2014. He died Dec. 15. John Swinconeck / Times Record file photo

The Bath school community is mourning the loss of beloved and longtime music teacher Anthony Marro, who died Wednesday, Dec. 15,  afternoon surrounded by family.

Marro, 44, taught at the high school for 20 years. He also taught at the Fisher Mitchell Elementary School and at Bath Middle School. Marro started the Advance Placement music theory class at Morse High School so students could choose to get early college credit.

“He was hired right out of the college to come to teach music at the high school in 2001,” said Morse High School Principal Eric Varney. “He is quite innovative in that he formed a rock ensemble at Morse. The students were not just involved in some symphonic band, but they are a rock band by all intents and purposes.”

Varney added that Marro’s death is a large loss to the school community.

“We have had students through the years who chose to move on and make music as a big part of their life, even their career,” added Varney. “That is the credit to Marro and what he has done with the students.”

Varney said Marro was a quiet leader and never wanted the spotlight.


“He was a capable musician,” Varney said. “Often, other music teachers would go to him if they had a question about a music piece. He was never a loud man and was kind, who students respected just because he respected them.”

In messages to students’ families, Fisher Mitchell Principal Ross Berkowitz described Marro as a “beloved music and band instructor” and “a talented musician, caring teacher, and kind person who loved exposing students to music.”

Marro’s cousin Patricia M. Jones said that they only found out in these last couple of weeks that his organs were shutting down.

She added, he needed a kidney and liver transplant, and it just got to a place where they could not do it because of his health condition.

Jones said Marro was one of the funniest and most talented people she knew

“His heart was bigger than he was,” Jones added. “He was a fierce family man who adored his kid. Last year, when his mother was hospitalized, he made sure he ran all the errands for her and took care of her every day.”


Anthony Marro’s cousin Patricia M. Jones described him as a talented musician who was also “a fierce family man.” Contributed photo via Patricia Jones

Born into a family of musicians, Marro was interested in music from a young age. His grandfather Mal Lary was a well-known musician in Maine, who was a clarinet and saxophone player for the famous swing musician Glenn Miller. He passed away when Marro was young, but Marro took after him by continuing by playing saxophone and clarinet.

Before starting his career at Morse, Marro assisted band directors at various schools.

“I used to attend all his concerts when he was a student and also after he became a teacher,” said Cindy Marro. “He played concert bands and jazz bands all through his middle school and high school, and I enjoyed every bit of it.”

A humble but dynamic man, Marro had once played in the backup band for famous crooner Barry Manilow, as well as vocal superstars The Temptations and the Glenn Miller Orchestra.

Marro’s wife, Jen Marro, posted his picture on her Facebook page after he entered hospice care on Dec 14. Hundreds of messages from his friends and former students flooded the post.

“He was the best,” said Marro’s wife Jen Marro. “Everybody loved him. He was a kind, gentle soul, who was always in the background but he was the thing that kept everyone going.”


On Wednesday night, Marro’s son Dominic Marro performed his first concert in honor of his father at Woodside Elementry School.

Sonya Malcolm, Marro’s student and alumnus of the Morse High School, remembers him as a phenomenal teacher who always pushes students to do their best.

“I met him when I was nine years old and was his student until I graduated in 2009,” said Malcolm. “He was an incredible person. I was successful during my trumpet playing days because Mr. Marro truly cared about the potential he saw in me, even when I doubted myself.”

Varney said some students are deeply affected by his loss.

“It hits different people in different ways,” said Varney. “Some students did not take Mr. Marro’s classes, while other students who are particularly musically inclined enjoyed taking his electives. Many students have fond memories of what he meant to them in formative years of their life.”

Anthony Marro with his 10-year-old son, Dominic. Contributed photo via Patricia Jones.

In an email addressed to Fisher Mitchell Elementary School families, Ross Berkowitz, principal of Fisher Mitchell Elementary School, wrote, “Mr. Marro was a talented musician, caring teacher, and kind person who loved exposing students to music.”

Marro is survived by his father Carlo Marro, mother Cindy Marro, younger brother Chris Marro, wife Jen Marro, and 10-year-old son Dominic Marro.

This story was updated at 3:15 p.m. Friday, Dec. 17, to correct a spelling error and clarify the cause of Marro’s death.

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