The only place Mr. Abdi Nor Iftin doesn’t find racism is in the mirror, where he should look first (“Through My Lens: Here’s hoping that as Maine goes, so goes the nation,” Jan. 7). All people who hold office are subjected to racism, hate or just plan partisan, over-the-top redirect.

To think Mayor Deqa Dhlac is any different than Collins, Mills or Trump – which Mr. Nor Iftin happily calls a racist numerous times – is in itself racist. As for him wanting to make Maine more like Minnesota, no, thank you. Minnesota’s violent crime rate is up over 17% in the last year, while Maine’s violent crime rate has gone down over 5%. I don’t think Minnesota’s violent crime is up because of the Somalis in that state, but I also don’t think Maine’s violent crime rate is down because of the Somalis living in Maine. That would be racist.

Mark Icangelo