Details of Maine’s three-year transportation infrastructure work plan, and what it means for Sagadahoc County and Dresden, were released this week. The plan is released annually with an outline of the Maine Department of Transportation’s strategy for road, bridge and other transportation upgrades and maintenance projects.

Local project details were highlighted by state Sen. Eloise Vitelli, D-Arrowsic.

“Mainers rely on our roads and bridges for so much, but we’re hard on them – especially during the winter,” Sen. Vitelli. “I’m grateful to everyone at MDOT who’s making these projects possible so that Mainers can safely get to work, school, the doctor and beyond. As someone who prefers to walk whenever I can, I’m particularly excited to see some new sidewalk construction in Bath.”

According to the MDOT, the work plan covers approximately $3.17 billion worth of construction and maintenance, which includes 2,316 work items. The three-year plan estimates MDOT will invest in 115 miles of highway construction and rehabilitation; 1,057 miles of pavement preservation; 2,162 miles of light capital paving for roads and highways; 353 safety and spot improvements; and 235 bridge projects.

The following breakdown is the planned capital and maintenance work for some communities in Sagadahoc County and Dresden in 2022:



In Bath, constructing new sidewalks along the north and southbound sections of Leeman Highway to close gaps in the existing sidewalk network.
In Bath, constructing new sidewalks on Washington Street, Union Street and Castine Avenue, including pedestrian crossing improvements.

Bridge and structural maintenance

In Arrowsic, replacement of the support beams on the Max L. Wilder Memorial Bridge, which carries Route 127/Arrowsic Road over the Sasonoa River.
In Bowdoinham, maintenance of the Abagadasset Bridge on Route 24 over the Abagadasset River, located 0.15 of a mile east of Carding Machine Road.
In Topsham and Brunswick, replacement of the Frank J. Wood Bridge over the Androscoggin River.
In Richmond and Litchfield, maintenance of the Thorofare Bridge over Pleasant Pond.
In Topsham, repairing the wearing surface of Muddy River Bridge, which carries Foreside Road over the Muddy River, located 0.24 of a mile north of Phillippon Drive.

Drainage maintenance

In Bowdoinham and Richmond, ditching on Route 24 beginning at the Bowdoinham-Topsham town line and extending north 18 miles into Gardiner.

Highway paving/rehabilitation


In Bath and Phippsburg, paving on Old Brunswick Road beginning 0.28 of a mile north of New Meadows Road and extending south 1.55 miles.
In Bath and Phippsburg, paving on Route 209 beginning 0.08 of a mile south of High Street and extending south 2.58 miles.
In Bowdoinham and Topsham, paving on Route 24 beginning 0.01 of a mile north of Loop Road and extending north 3.08 miles.
In Phippsburg, paving on Route 216 beginning at Popham Road and extending south 2.28 miles.
In Phippsburg, paving on Route 209 beginning 0.4 of a mile north of Sam Day Hill Road and extending south 7.32 miles.
In Topsham, paving on Route 201 beginning 0.58 of a mile north of Route 24B and extending north 1 mile to the 295 Overpass Bridge as part of the Municipal Partnership Initiative Program.
In Topsham, paving in Route 201 beginning 0.02 of a mile north of Old Augusta Road and extending north 3.67 miles to the Topsham-Bowdoin town line.
In West Bath, paving on New Meadows Road beginning at Old Brunswick Road and extending south 0.76 of a mile.
In West Bath, paving on Berry’s Mill Road beginning at Meadow Brook Road and extending north 4.51 miles to State Road.
In West Bath, paving on Campbell Pond Road beginning at Brighams Cove Road and extending north 0.26 of a mile to Birch Point Road.

Highway safety and spot improvements

In Arrowsic, improvements on Route 127/Arrowsic Road beginning 0.08 of a mile south of Vale and extending south 0.39 of a mile, including a large culvert, continuing 2.95 miles south and extending south 0.25 of a mile, including another large culvert.
In Phippsburg, improvements on Route 209 beginning 0.71 of a mile east of Route 216 and extending east 0.16 of a mile, including a large culvert; beginning 1.01 miles east of Parker Head Road and extending east 0.73 of a mile; and beginning at Fort Baldwin Road and extending east 0.11 of a mile.
In Topsham, safety improvements at the intersection of Route 201 and Route 24.
In Richmond, removal of railroad abutments on Route 24 located 0.04 of a mile north of Route 197.

Highway system operation/system operation by others

In Bath, Transit Administrative and Operating Assistance for Federal Transit Administration section 5311 to West’s Transportation for non-urbanized transit.

Policy, planning and research

In Topsham, Bowdoinham, Richmond and Gardiner, public advisory process for future use of the rail corridor between Topsham and Gardiner.


In Bowdoinham, work on Railroad Avenue off River Road.

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