My name is Donna Raymond. I have been an employee of Central Maine Power since 1990.

Like many Mainers, I’ve been critical of some of the decisions made by the company over the years, but in my 30-plus years, I have never doubted that providing excellent service to our customers has always been the ultimate goal at the forefront. Have we come up short? Sure. But any time we’ve failed our customers, we’ve doubled our efforts to make things right, and even better than before when possible,

Voters have seen, time and time again, politicians making the same promises whenever an election comes around. Like clockwork, almost as soon as our “representatives” made these promises, they immediately break them once they’re elected.

This is something we’ve all grown used to for state and congressional elections. If everyone’s already so frustrated with this pattern, why would we allow it to affect something as vital as our electrical supply? But that’s just what is happening. Some politicians are promising the sky: lower rates, electric wires that never get knocked down in a storm, even broadband internet for everyone! And they say the way to do it is to seize the utilities, create a government-controlled power company and leave us on the hook for billions of dollars in debt.

I just hope Maine voters aren’t so gullible this time.

Donna Raymond

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