Eighty years ago, German and Japanese armies invaded and largely destroyed France, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, China, Korea and the Philippines. The U.S. sent millions of men and women to fight off these invaders. At home, we sacrificed by rationing gasoline, meat, sugar, etc.

Now we face an even deadlier menace with climate change having one foot in the door. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (March 30, Page A3), “radical action” is needed to fend off the invader. They propose the usual actions of increasing solar power, wind turbines, energy efficiency and carbon capture. But these are primarily for electricity. We still use oil for home, school and business heating and for making plastics.

If we are to prevent climate change from getting past that one foot in the door, we need to make sacrifices comparable to, and even greater, than we did in World War II. We have the ability to slam the door in the face of climate change, but we are severely lacking the will. If we don’t slam the door, we will all pay a terrible price.

As individuals, we must make changes comparable to those we made during World War II, such as sacrificing our meat and dairy consumption, sacrificing distant vacations and second homes and sacrificing our purchase of unnecessary goods.

If you agree with these ideas, share this letter with family, friends and coworkers. But most important, send it to our government officials so that they can propose appropriate sacrifices in their sectors.

Leonard Frenkel
South Portland

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