You can change the paint color, switch to open shelving or update your countertops, but your major appliances will always have a strong influence on your kitchen’s style. If you’re looking for form and function, commercial grade appliances will add powerful cooking capability to your kitchen.

Price points for commercial-grade lines range from reasonably extra to “Gasp!” so if you’re ready to make this level of investment, some factors to consider are available warranty, consumer reviews and customer service. If something goes wrong, you’re at an additional advantage if you buy local. For example, LP Appliance in Westbrook will take care of the brands that they sell long after sale and delivery.

One of LP’s most popular appliance lines is GE, which is the parent brand of Café, a full series of gorgeous, customizable, commercial-grade appliances from major to countertop. Café uses four base materials—stainless steel, matte white, matte black, and platinum glass. Buyers can then choose from brushed bronze, copper, black or silver hardware. If you opt for built-in WiFi, you’ll be able to manage Café from either the GE SmartHQ app or use other home connectivity devices.

Is commercial-grade right for you? Let’s look at what professional quality means for the Big Three appliances in your home.

Look for refrigerators with LED display lighting, high capacity and multiple temperature zones, all of which can be found in Café’s line, including the ENERGY STAR® 18.6 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth French-Door Refrigerator.


Great ingredients make great meals. Food storage and temperature control is the key to keeping those ingredients fresh for as long as possible, so professional grade chilling will provide consistent temperatures and offer multiple zones to cool and freeze.

Café series refrigerator layouts can meet almost any buyer’s specific desires for storage and use: French door with bottom freezer, side-by-side with built-in Keurig dispenser or four-door for extra organization capability and temperature control. You can even choose an internal water dispenser to keep your lines uninterrupted.

The smallest fridge, with 18.6 cubic feet of storage, starts at $2,799 while the largest, with 27.8 cubic feet and Energy Star rating efficiency, clocks in at $4,899, plus any hardware extras. All are equipped with LED lighting, some with a back-lit wall, and multiple levels of storage baskets, drawers and shelves to help you find your food and use it.

Double oven capacity is a home cook’s dream.


It’s time to go electric. Yes, gas ranges are a restaurant standard, but without an industrial ventilation system, they could pollute your home. Recent studies show that natural gas ovens, even relatively new ones, could be emitting fumes even when they are not turned on. Plus, new electric ranges come with technologies to enhance any cook’s skill level.

Smooth top ranges work by radiant or induction heating. The first puts a layer of glass or ceramic over radiant heat coils. They are easier to clean, though less energy efficient. Induction heating uses electromagnetic fields to draw heat into a pan (or adaptive plate if the pan is not a ferrous metal like iron), leaving a cooler cooktop that may require special cleaning agents. Café electric range and ovens start at $2,599 and top out around $5,500 depending on hardware choices.

The Smart Induction and Convection Ranges, some with double ovens, perform feats that no gas range could ever, like maintaining temperatures within one degree or boiling a quart of water in 101 seconds. You can also choose an in-oven camera so you can watch the roast without breaking the heat seal.

A commercial grade home dishwasher should have a stainless steel interior, and a steam/sanitize cycle


Commercial-grade kitchens are awash in stainless steel for a few important reasons: it can withstand heat up to 932°F, it’s a natural antimicrobial material, it’s easy to clean and it lasts a long time. Stainless-lined dishwashers can help clean dishes quickly, thoroughly and safely.

The three-rack Café dishwasher is built for 16 place settings, with silverware going in the top tray. The middle rack can be adjusted up to fit pots and pans below or down to fit bottles or vessels up to 10.5 inches tall. Other professional features on the Café Dishwasher include wash zones for efficient half-load cycles and a steam/sanitize cycle, a must for a high volume household. There are two tiers of model, one with an additional convection powered ultra-dry cycle, with prices that range from $1,199 to $2,098 once you’re done customizing.


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