Are Scarborough voters considered idiots?

Apparently, we are, according to the actions of the town officials residing at Town Hall. “The voters approved funding (November 2021) to replace the field and the track, not to exceed 1.9 million dollars.” So says Superintendent (Geoff) Bruno in a school letter dated May 5. But now town and school officials claim they need $2,500,000! Who would have known there was a shortage of shredded tires for the turf field!

And since this is Scarborough, this is not the main issue. The issue is officials want to use the money for just a turf field, contrary to what voters voted for – a new track AND field. The town can’t reappropriate the money for a different purpose than what the voters authorized. We were told and approved $1.9 million for a track AND field in November 2021. Since officials have now canceled the track, half the original proposal, a ballot question should be on the June ballot: yes or no to spend who knows what on a new field.

The action contemplated by the school and town officials only contributes to the cynicism felt by many citizens of Scarborough.

Larry HartwellScarborough