The Enclave of Scarborough team show off the certificate of adoption and lifesize photo of the giant panda the organization adopted on behalf of residents. Courtesy photo

After residents of the Enclave of Scarborough said they wanted to give back to animals on a larger scale, the buildings Lifestyles team, Amber Tarvers Jr. and Randi Gonneville, surprised their community with a gift. They symbolically adopted a giant panda through the World Wildlife Fund. WWF sent a certificate of adoption and certified letter which the team at Enclave matted and framed and even added a photograph and “advice from a panda.”

“The panda was truly representative of our residents and associates in how gentle and loving everyone is here. The more facts we read, the more perfect it became,” said Lifestyles Director Amber Tarvers Jr.

Since there are only 1,000 panda’s left in the wild, “It was the perfect animal choice and of all the great activities they’ve participated in, this was the most meaningful,” said resident, Bunny Douglass.

Residents and associates also got to vote on the name of the panda and many wore black and white to celebrate Enclave’s newest addition. They had a welcome home ceremony for “Chopstick the Giant Panda” and there is a permanent display about Chopstick at the community’s entrance to greet visitors when they come in and symbolize Enclave’s love for animals and the planet.