The Worst (left to right Will Bradford, Brooke Binion and Craig Sala). Photo by Joe MacFadzen

Portland rock trio The Worst is releasing its sophomore album, “Yes Regrets” (RascalZ RecordZ), on Friday, and it’s loud, bold and fantastic.

The album lands punches throughout its 10 tracks. From the full-throttle opener, “Blacksheepish,” to the chiller but just as potent closer “Black Dog Waltz,” I found myself shouting out “Heck, yes!” many times while it melted my ears. (Though if you think I actually said the word “heck,” I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.)

The Worst is Brooke Binion on guitar and lead vocals, Will Bradford on bass and backing vocals, and Craig Sala on drums and backing vocals.

The Worst “Yes Regrets” album cover. Artwork by Andrea Rae Georgas

Dipped in lighter fluid as she stalks and pounces her way through the songs, Binion’s vocals capture the human need for emotional release that only music can provide. Like in the scene from the 1990 David Lynch movie “Wild at Heart,” when the characters played by Laura Dern and Nicolas Cage spin the dial on the radio and land on the speed metal song “Slaughterhouse” by Powermad, then proceed to get out of the car and create a spontaneous mosh pit dance party for two.

Take the title track’s lyrics: “Got no guts, no mark from cuts/It’s been yes regrets and psychic messes/Torn up dresses, no contrition,” sings Binion as the tempo of the song rises and falls like a roller coaster car cranking its way to the top of a scream-inducing descent.

“This House Didn’t Build Itself” starts out thrashing, then descends into a slower groove before ratcheting back up again with a hailstorm of drums. “The corpses missed a chance to have the last word,” howls Binion.


“Couldn’t Stay Away” is a punk tune that’s my current favorite because it’s a musical pogo stick with something of a ’90s vibe, as if it were from the soundtrack to something like “Empire Records.”

The onslaught continues with “Hurt Forever” and “Monomania.” Listening to these songs is like playing a pinball machine. Sometimes the ball is whizzing down so fast you can barely see it, other times it lands in that sweet spot, racking up points for a few seconds before hurling itself toward the middle of the flippers.

The Worst have schooled me in how to appreciate the louder side of music. The acoustic stuff will always be there when I need it, but sometimes even I need to stomp around in my big black boots ready for battle with a fierce soundtrack in my ears.

“Yes Regrets” is available on streaming platforms. CDs are available at Bull Moose, and the band is awaiting a shipment of vinyl.

Guest musicians on the album are Tony Bevilacqua (The Distillers, Spinnerette), Dana Colley (Morphine, Vapors Of Morphine), Nikki Glaspie (Beyoncé, The Nth Power), Nate Edgar (The Nth Power, John Brown’s Body), Devon Colella (QUAD) and Jim Worthley (Spillers).

Production duties were handled by Will Holland (Pixies, Fall Out Boy), and “Yes Regrets” was recorded, mixed and mastered at Chillhouse Studios in Charleston, Massachusetts.

The Worst doesn’t have any shows scheduled in the immediate future but is taking part in a spectacular event this summer. The A.R.M.E. Boot Camp Festival happens at Threshers Brewing Co. in Searsmont on Aug 6. Camping is available, and music happens on two outdoor stages.

Along with The Worst, the lineup features SeepeopleS, Murcielago, Dave Gutter, Carissa Johnson, Spillers, The Big Sway, Sparxsea, Draudiga, Angelikah Fahray, J.S. & The Industrialists, The Bumbling Woohas, Hannah Daman, Clara Junken, Lisa/Liza, Sea Level, David Yearwood, Whitney Walker, Mosart 212, Spall and Lake Over Fire. Head to or for tickets.

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