Wiscasset High School graduates Jordan Jones and Hailey Talbert wait in line to graduate at Wiscasset Speedway. Maria Skillings / The Times Record

Wiscasset High School’s 31 graduates gathered on the green of Wiscasset Speedway wearing graduation caps decorated with flowers and crowns, waiting to take diplomas in hand on June 10.

Graduates Jordan Jones and Hailey Talbert said they were nervous and excited to graduate this year.

Class marshal and senior class treasurer Garrett Cossette said graduation day was, “a long time coming.”

Class Marshal Garrett Cossette. Maria Skillings / The Times Record

The class of 2022 had a typical freshman year before COVID-19 derailed the next two years with remote learning and social distancing.

Cossette said it was difficult to stay dedicated and committed to his studies during the pandemic, especially when his friends contracted the virus and couldn’t come back to school for weeks at a time.

In his speech, Wiscasset teacher Cameron Bishop encouraged graduates to rise up to the challenges life throws them and never back down.


“Our hardships can’t outweigh our success,” said Bishop.

Graduate and student speaker Dillon Leeman inspired fellow classmates with a story about the breakup of the Beatles and how band member George Harrison shut out their criticism.

While in the band, Harrison was labeled as “the quiet Beatle,” said Leeman. He said Harrison wasn’t quiet at all, he just wasn’t heard. Apparently, Harrison pitched several song ideas to the group, but was told they weren’t good enough. Despite this criticism, Harrison put out a solo album the same year they broke up, called “All Things Must Pass.” Some critics still consider Harrison’s album one of the greatest of all time.

“Sit down, remind yourself you are a masterpiece. Live for yourself, listen to yourself,” said Leeman.

Salutatorian Naomi Wood recalled her first day at Wiscasset High School, as a new girl with no one to sit with at lunch. Wood said a small act of kindness from a fellow student changed everything when they invited her to sit with them. Wood reminded her classmates of the famous Mr. Rogers quote, “There are three ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind.”

“Whatever you do, give it your all and don’t forget to be kind,” said Wood.


Class valedictorian Mason Davenport thanked his parents, teachers and friends in his speech. He told his classmates to be proud of their hard work and to be prepared for the independence they just inherited.

“Guys, we made it. Thirteen years of work, yes, we count kindergarten,” said Davenport. “Every one of you has exceptional potential and you must work to meet that potential. Starting today, your actions are your own.”

Wiscasset Superintendent Terry Wood said that no one was prepared for the pandemic, but everyone managed to get through it with a constant commitment from the community, students and faculty. Wood said she hopes these last four years have prepared the graduates for what awaits them beyond high school.

“Make a difference or be the difference the world needs today,” said Wood. “When life gives you lemonade, make a gourmet lemon meringue. Why settle for a drink, when you can have dessert?” said Wood.

Class Salutatorian Naomi Wood gives a speech. Maria Skillings/ The Times Record


Wiscasset High School graduates make their way to the state at Wiscasset Speedway. Maria Skillings/ The Times Record


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