Why this Supreme Court has proclaimed that individual states (New York) can not limit the rights of gun owners but then says that states can control a woman’s right to health choices is extremely hypocritical and disgusting. It gives gun owners, with deadly weapons, more rights than a girl or a woman who may have been raped.

In some states, the rapist has fewer consequences than the person raped. SCOTUS claims this is because gun rights are clarified by the Constitution but abortion rights are not mentioned. Any intelligent person would recognize the hypocrisy in that thinking.

Women are not mentioned in the Constitution and did not even have the right to vote when the Constitution was written. Will we lose that right as well? Will slavery and segregation be declared legal again? Which of our other hard fought rights will fall to the totalitarian, right wing (supposedly non-partisan) Supreme Court?

Barb Osen
Orr’s Island

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