Your borrowed ingredients (sugar, flour, eggs) came back to me as a yummy cake. Thanks!

But I won’t lend you my wheelbarrow again! You borrowed it last month and returned it just now, wet and muddy. No cake for you!

You know that woman at work who always walks down the hall with a stride that is fast, outtamyway, full of ready energy, with style and a smile?

I love it! I want it! So I borrowed it. (A shared thing.) We will see if it translates. I don’t need the speed, but the attitude would be nice to adopt.

A positive attitude is worth sharing, so I take a breath and try to listen to another’s opinion, even if not convinced. I don’t mind my opinion being borrowed, but surely my tone of voice was not that loud and shrill! Was it?

Borrowing can be lent and returned, or not. It can be used and replaced.


It can be shared. But it cannot be stolen!

You borrowed my boyfriend! That’s not a loan! Nor is it a library book!

I don’t see a return or replacement from either one of you.

Guess I should stick with recipes, garden tools and fast feet.

Borrowable, all. At least until I find a new guy to steal, uh, borrow.

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