After COVID, we need good news. Fortunately, in this mid-term election, there is a new face and philosophy on the political scene. Sam Hunkler, a true independent, is on the ballot for governor of Maine. Sam is no puppet manipulated by party strings, but rather a man who thinks for himself while caring deeply about others.

Sam is a retired M.D. who has spent most of his adult life healing people across this country and around the world. He wants to bring that healing to the people and politics of Maine. His campaign motto is “Let’s find Common Ground Using Common Sense for the Common Good.” He is not accepting financial contributions and will not be beholden to anyone. Sam’s running a grassroots campaign, having collected 4,000 signatures, mostly by himself, to get on the ballot.
You can find more information about Sam at and at StandwithSam2022 on Facebook.

Leland Hanchett

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