I’m excited and hopeful as Our Power, the referendum campaign to replace Central Maine Power and Versant Power with a customer-owned utility, is getting closer to qualifying for the 2023 ballot. Maine is ready to give up corporate, shareholder-controlled utilities, but it’s not a done deal yet.

Readers might be familiar with a group that calls itself Maine Affordable Energy. This group’s sole purpose is to oppose Our Power, and they claim that a consumer-owned utility is a terrible deal for Mainers. They’re already blasting TV and YouTube with slick ads.

At first, I thought Maine Affordable Energy was a local group, but it turns out they’re just CMP. Their ethics reports show that they are 100 percent funded by Avangrid, CMP’s out-of-state owners. They’ve spent over $8 million to fund the group, just to scare us out of taking control of the power grid.

Don’t fall for it. When the vote comes up, remember that CMP stands to profit from staying in control, while they get ranked dead last in customer satisfaction. Let’s move on. Vote for a consumer-owned power grid.

Michael Trombley

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