In the state of Maine, we attempt to deliver reliable electricity to customers using poles and infrastructure that are 70 years old.

In the state of Maine we allow foreign ownership of our critical infrastructure and wonder why we have the least reliable power in the nation.

In the state of Maine we allow 10%-15% profits to be the norm for terrible reliability and entertain price increases every few years, although energy delivery is unaffordable for Maine customers and prices are among the highest in the nation.

In the state of Maine we use century-old Supreme Court decisions, which were made during the inception of electrification of America, to justify windfall profits for monopolies that have failed Maine customers. What could possibly go wrong?

Century-old standards, combined with 70-year-old equipment, equal unaffordable and unreliable delivery of electricity. Central Maine Power is asking for another 30% price increase for delivery of substandard reliability to replace poles and equipment that have been neglected for decades, and meanwhile are seriously requesting a 10% profit return on all infrastructure replacement costs.

If Maine is serious about climbing into the 21st century, then these two issues must be addressed. Stop paying utilities ridiculous returns for unreliable delivery. Stop allowing utilities to allocate funds towards shareholders, while allowing infrastructure to grow old and decay.

Vote for a better alternative in November! Vote for Pine Tree Power, a consumer-owned utility, and enter the 21st century!

Rev. Darien “Deke” Sawyer

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