In 1731, in the city of Philadelphia, Ben Franklin set up the first library in the Colonies, which became the country we know today.

The library was meant to be a repository of books with different ideas and ways of thought but accessible to all the people so that it might enrich the thought, reason, and ideas so important to the life of a healthy democracy. Whether one would agree with all of the ideas contained in the library collection took a backseat to the fact that, agree or disagree, the books were there for people to come to their own conclusions.

Which brings us to the assault on school libraries by a new version of the “thought police,” who want to block any and all discussion of lifestyles or ideas that go contrary to their own point of view. Censorship is what is happening here, as opposed to a free exchange of ideas, which libraries are meant for.

The people who are leading this “moral” charge for decency might want to check their children’s cellphones. A recent study by the nonprofit child advocacy group Common Sense found that a majority of children between the ages of 13 through 17 have probably already seen porn on their devices. If you want to ban anything, ban the devices. Let the cleansing begin.

Jake Hawkins

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