My job at Central Maine Power is to be sure electricity moves through the grid so kids can learn, people can get their medical treatments, traffic flows safely, businesses keep operating. In the coming years, we’ll use electricity more and more to feed our families, heat our homes, keep our cars and trucks running. That’s where our state is headed and that’s what we’re preparing for at CMP.

Sadly, the Pine Tree Power proposal we will see on the ballot in November will throw a giant wrench into all that work, if it passes. Planning our electrical grid for the future requires people with knowledge and experience. It requires the long view. I work with those people now; they’re experts in their fields. They know what needs to be done and how to do it. We need to let them continue.

Instead, Pine Tree Power will bring a decade of delays and legal drama, politicians and their cronies, frustration and debt in the billions. Let’s not go down that path. Vote against Pine Tree Power.

Todd Hatch
lead lineworker, Central Maine Power
North Yarmouth

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