The Falmouth Planning Board has unanimously approved the site plans for a new mixed-use building site at 271 and 291 U.S. Route 1 across from the Falmouth Shopping Center.

The Shops at Falmouth Center will consist of two buildings, one two-story and the other five-story, retail and office space and apartments.

Gorrill Palmer Consulting Engineers, working with developer Steve Baumann, addressed the board’s initial concerns along with those of a peer review at a meeting earlier this month.

Developers reconfigured the internal drive at U.S. Route 1 and Bucknam Road, widened sidewalks around the project to 10 feet and made the entrance to the plaza a four-way stop intersection.

“Hopefully you folks will look favorably upon our proposal,” said Steve Bushey of Gorrill Palmer. “It’s been a bit of a haul, and we believe we’ve improved the plan.”

The Planning Board waived a lighting requirement, as the proposal was only short one light pole to meet the standard requirement.

“Needing a light in the middle of an island, I can see how we would be able to waive that because it could be distracting to drivers,” board member David Sinnett said.

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