Apparently, some of the wing nuts in the House want to abolish the IRS and impose a 23% national sales tax.  Fascinating stuff.

I’ve always favored a flat 10% income tax. Not on so-called “taxable income” but all income. Abolish all tax loopholes allowing greedy geezers like, say, the former president to pay zero income taxes. This, while his financial advisers go to jail.

Here’s my suggested IRS Individual Short Form:

LINE 1: How much did you earn?

LINE 2: Multiply that by .10 to arrive at 10% of your income.

LINE 3: Send us a check for that amount. Thanks!


Own a business? My suggested IRS Corporate/LLC Short Form:

LINE 1: How much did your business earn?

LINE 2: Deduct wages and benefits (if any) to employees.

LINE 3: Deduct tangible equipment purchased and overhead.

LINE 4: Multiply net earnings by .10 to arrive at 10% of net business income. NOTE: If you bought a yacht or a Caribbean island to entertain customers or clients, if you bought them lunch or pricey tickets to concerts or ballgames or donated to Jesus – that’s on you.

LINE 5: Send us a check. Thanks!

All U.S. taxpayers live in “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” We enjoy roads, bridges, schools – Social Security, Medicare – and a strong, vigilant military. There are costs to all that – and a moral obligation to pay those costs. If, indeed, we’re all created equal, that’s how our tax structure should be created – equally!

Buddy Doyle

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