I read Heather Martin’s recent opinion piece (“Skip Facebook rants and channel anger into action,” April 5) with great interest, balanced with some sadness. Why? Year after year, we still are holding discussions concerning mass shootings, attacks on our democracy, voter suppression schemes, etc. Although Ms. Martin summarizes a number of reasonable actions to pursue, she does not entertain the most direct and the easiest to achieve: voting.

Vote for reasonable and caring local, county, state and national legislators who will embrace and, thereafter, promulgate laws to enhance our democratic ideas and means to achieve these goals. During each election cycle, delve deeply into each candidate’s background and determine if they believe in legislation to safeguard our children, strengthen our democracy, protect a woman’s right to control her own body, sensible gun laws and desires to protect the rule of law. If said legislator does not uphold these ideals, vote them out. Simply utilize the ballot box to change the course and direction of our country.

John M. Mishler

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