I remember Jim. You know the one. “No line is safe to touch … evah.” He was someone I respected because he was concerned for the people of Maine. Seeing Jim plug for CMP now is not as endearing. Iberdrola, from Spain, is greedily gobbling up our energy companies all over the U.S. and sadly CMP was one of them.

A majority of Maine voters rejected CMP/Avangrid’s “Clean Energy Connect” in 2021. People obviously saw the lies being peddled and smartly saw through the millions of dollars in advertising. CMP is dictated to directly from Spain. There are positive employee reviews online that say Spain makes all the decisions. It’s time to take back control of our electricity.

We need reliable and affordable energy. Our hard-earned money should be invested in our future, not a Spanish company’s. We need a company that puts the grid before the investors. We need a company that puts Maine before Massachusetts. We need a company that’s straight with us, not misrepresenting facts on behalf of its parent company in Europe.

I miss the CMP that was the local company I knew and I trusted. Let’s get back to that model.

Jennifer Harmon

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