There is no living soul that can ever fully know the impact or outcome of their decisions in the moment of deciding. In all of my 60-plus years on this earth, the one thing that I would redo would be to carry my very first child to full term.

At age 17, I had an abortion. Fear of the unknown was the driving force behind that decision. Had I known then what I learned many years later, I would not have made the choice. That decision had a devastating impact on me and others for many years to follow. Since then, I have been blessed with many children, including one that I gave up for adoption due to a number of extenuating circumstances. When abortion was suggested, I responded with a vehement, “No!”

Since that decision to carry that child to full term and share the gift of that child with those who were unable to have their own, I have never once felt a moment of regret. In addition to these personal experiences, two of my precious grandchildren had been diagnosed with “problems” midterm, and abortion had been strongly suggested. Nevertheless, they are both healthy, vibrant children today due to their parents’ decisions.

I share all of this to implore those who read this letter to please tell our lawmakers not to pass L.D. 1619, a bill that would legalize abortion at all stages of a child’s development in the womb.

Nancy Melcher

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