A Virginia man is facing assault charges after he allegedly punched a Transportation Security Officer in the face at the Portland International Jetport this week.

Daniel Velez, spokesman for Transportation Security Administration New England, said the passenger presented a valid ID to the officer at the jetport’s travel document check area on Monday. In an “unprovoked” assault, the passenger then struck the officer in the face, Velez said.

Portland police responded. Brad Nadeau, spokesman for the Portland Police Department, identified the alleged assailant as William Barry, 27, of Henrico County, Virginia.

The officer sought medical care at a local hospital after his shift concluded. Velez said the officer complained of a swollen and sore jaw “but is doing fine.” It is not clear why Barry allegedly hit the officer.

“Unprovoked and brazen physical attacks against our TSO’s is unacceptable. We are grateful for our committed workforce and for the role they play in protecting the traveling public every day,” Velez said in a statement.

Velez said that the TSA continues to remind travelers on signs posted in security checkpoints nationwide that threats, verbal abuse or physical violence of any kind against employees will result in criminal penalties and fines of up to $14,950.

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