Editorial cartoonists are obviously entitled to express their opinions, but distorting the facts crosses a line. Bob Engelhart’s cartoon on May 18 (Page A4) crossed that line. It implied that Special Counsel John Durham’s report was a waste of time and money.

On the contrary, the report cites chapter and verse about how the FBI, in its “investigation” of alleged Russian collusion with the 2016 Trump campaign, violated its own rules and guiding principles. The report shows how the agency acted in a partisan, biased and willfully ignorant way on a set of “facts” that many of its own staff thought were flimsy at best and Russian disinformation at worst.

Lest you think that Mr. Durham’s report was itself biased, the FBI director responded to its release by pointing out that the agency was already implementing changes to avoid the malfeasance presented in the report. Perhaps Mr. Engelhart should read the Durham report. His cartoon was just another example of lazy journalism.

John Voyer

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