Wiscasset police said a Pride flag and Ukrainian flag displayed at a Federal Street home were recently vandalized.

Officer Jonathan Barnes said the flags were torn down and tossed to the ground late June 27 or early the next morning. They were mounted on the outside of the residence near the road and the flags were broken from their mounts, he said.

Barnes said anyone with information on the case should contact police at 882-8202.

Select Board members said it was the latest in a “number of instances in which members of our community have treated other members inappropriately.”

“We do not believe that these actions accurately reflect the heart of Wiscasset and acts of crime in particular will not be tolerated,” the board wrote in a rare open letter to the media. “It is simply unacceptable for any member of the community to feel unsafe or unwelcome in their own home or community.”

Select Board Chairperson Sarah Whitfield declined to elaborate on the other instances the board alluded to.


“Sometimes it is important for the leaders of a community to reiterate what kind of values we espouse, and we felt this statement was appropriate at this time,” she said in an email.

The open letter read, “Last fall, the Bangor Daily News pointed out that we were one of the most politically divided towns in Maine based on our voting records. We know we have differences of opinion but that only makes us stronger. Different voices at the table should make for better outcomes. Solutions to both simple and complex problems can be reached when folks come to the table willing to help find those solutions and treat all those involved with respect.

“You can be assured that this board will always treat each other and the public with respect and we hope that that will be an example for all members of our community.  … You may not agree with what someone else believes or how they live, but that does not mean that you cannot have mutual respect for each other. We believe that this town is full of people who can be kind and respectful and we hope you do, too.

“It’s important to know that this letter is to everyone; it is not to single out any one person or group or incident. It is meant to be a reminder to everyone about the way each one of us deserves to be treated: with respect.”

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