Food trucks for Biddeford

To the editor,

I read with amusement the article on the front page of Aug. 17, Courier on the food truck situation in Biddeford. I was surprised when I didn’t see any trucks on the corner of Jefferson and Alfred streets this summer. I believed they would be there. I figured the “Higher Ups” who run this city had found a way of killing the project. There is no Fun in Biddeford. Other cities like Portland have had food trucks with little or no problems, God forbid we should. I’m glad three members of the Board passed the plan. However, I feel the two dissenting Board’s member’s concerns were out of line. As for Porta-Potties they come with the ability to be locked at night. As for the issue of security the location for the trucks is located directly across from the Police Department. Our local police force can make their presence known by making frequent appearances at the corner! As for this being the “Gate Way” to the city, really? It’s in the middle of the city. If these Board members are so concerned about the so-called “Gate Way” deal with the real issue there like the Seven-Eleven on that corner! They’re concerned with the cities aesthetics? Will the food trucks really infringe on the tattoo parlors and French nail saloons? Or the homeless people? Or the really Grand Gate Way at Elm and Main Streets with the run down gas station. In short their arguments simply do not hold water.

Steven Burr

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