BUCKFIELD — Residents will have to drive to a neighboring town in order to buy gas.

The iconic Buckfield Mall on East Buckfield Road just off Route 117, closed this past weekend.

It was the only place in town to buy gas. It was also one of the only convenience stores in town. Visitors could also purchase some groceries, coffee, sandwiches, sodas and pizzas.

The owners blamed negative comments and feedback directed at the business for their decision to close.

“It is with mixed feelings that we announce the closure of the Buckfield Mall,” David and Vicki Dean wrote on social media. “As many of you may know we have suffered endless defamation on social media that started with a couple of disgruntled former employees from the very beginning. Defamation and slander have continued to escalate over the last year and the resulting loss of business has made it clear that to continue does not make sense for us financially or for our well-being. We do very much appreciate our loyal customers that have supported this local business over the last 3½ years, and we will indeed miss seeing you and interacting with you daily.”

The iconic Buckfield Mall on East Buckfield Road just off Route 117, closed this past weekend. Google Street View photo

The business’ Facebook page has been deleted.


Comments on Facebook concerning the closing were mixed. Some were happy, citing poor customer service and high gas prices. But others supported the good customer service they received and bemoaned the loss of a local gas station and a place to purchase diesel fuel.

According to Ken Dunn, whose grandfather built the original store and was its first owner, the business was originally called Nezinscot River Store.

“All the land around it for miles, including the land it sits on, was my family’s land,” Dunn said. “It was family owned and run. My aunt’s grandfather and grandmother used to run it. They always made food.”

Dunn said the previous owner “ran an excellent establishment. There were never complaints. The food was always good. The service even better. The workers were all happy. They were locals that worked there for 10 years or more.”

The business and property are reportedly for sale for about $1.2 million.

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