The supporters of Question 3 want us to believe that Pine Tree Power will be good for Maine and will magically lower our electric bills. Yet they refuse to commit to an initial purchase price. How can you guarantee savings without knowing the purchase price? The facts are that Question 3 will create a government-controlled power authority at a cost of billions of dollars with no plan in place to operate Maine’s electric grid. How can anyone vote to put the ratepayers and taxpayers on the hook for this money without any proof that such a risky scheme will ever result in lower electric bills?

A government taking, by eminent domain, of Maine’s two private utilities – Central Maine Power and Versant Power – means we, the ratepayers, will have to pay fair market value. The years of court fights that will follow just to resolve the purchase price will leave Maine’s electric grid in limbo and create instability in Maine’s economy.

I have managed hotels for 40 years and know firsthand that for business to succeed it needs a stable economy and predictable costs, not the kind of uncertainty this proposal would create. I’m voting no on Question 3. Let’s save ourselves billions of dollars, leave operating Maine’s electric grid to the professionals and keep Maine working.

Michael Towle
South Portland

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