South Portland residents voted in four contested elections Tuesday for City Council and school board.

Councilor Linda Cohen defeated Brendan Williams for the District 1 City Council seat 4,407 to 2,801. Rachael Coleman was the top vote getter for the District 2 seat, with 4,200 votes to Jeffrey McDonald’s 2,606.

Claire Holman and Jennifer Ryan successfully defended their at-large seats on the Board of Education in a narrow race. Ryan received 3,525 votes, Holman 3,299 and challenger Eleni Richardson fell just short with 3,251 votes.

Rosemarie De Angelis will finish out the remaining year of a three-year term on the Board of Education in the District 3 seat. She defeated Melinda Aloes 3,686 to 2,911.

Steven Riley will fill the District 4 council seat, Elyse Tipton the District 5 council seat and Jennifer Kinney the District 5 Board of Education seat after winning uncontested races.


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