Buxton, which had no local races or referendums on its ballot, had a 45.3% voter turnout Tuesday, topping the turnout in Gorham, which elected town councilors and school committee members. It also topped the turnout in Westbrook, where residents voted only on state questions.

Buxton Town Clerk John Myers reported 2,612 ballots cast in Tuesday’s election, representing a 45.3% of the town’s 5,772 registered voters.  The turnout compares to a 9.4% turnout at the town’s annual election in June.

In Gorham, 5,400 of the town’s 15,777 registered voters cast ballots for a 34.2% turnout, according to Town Clerk Laurie Nordfors. “Not bad,” Nordfors said. The turnout for a third try to pass a contentious Gorham School budget in August was 23% turnout.

Westbrook City Clerk Angela Holmes reported 4,467 ballots cast of 14,911 registered voters, representing a 30% turnout. In comparison, 4.61% of voters turned out in June to pass the city’s school budget validation referendum.

– Robert Lowell