The emotional pain and confusion caused by loss can create unbearable sadness, according to author Holly Margeson Gamache. In her new book, “Mr. Grievely – A Story of Grief and Love,” Gamache provides a look at a difficult and heartbreaking time.

The cover of “Mr. Grievely – A Story of Grief and Love” by Wells author Holly Margeson and illustrated by Steve Hrehovcik. Courtesy image

According to a Nov. 19 news release, the book is “inspired by her own experiences with grief (and) Gamache has written about the feelings that follow such a life-changing moment. Gamache expresses her ideas in verse to heighten the poignant rhythm of this personal and universal experience.

“The character, Mr. Grievely, becomes a powerful metaphor for navigating and processing grief. Mr. Grievely creates an imaginary presence amidst the darkness as he takes the reader by the hand to reveal an illuminated and hopeful pathway to solace.”

A resident of Wells, Gamache has 40 years of experience as an educator. “We all, at one time or another, must inevitably face loss in our lives,” said Gamache in an email. “Each person grieves uniquely. I wrote the book to honor my parents, and to provide a measure of hope and reassurance that we are never alone.”

The 98-page book is illustrated in full color by award-winning artist Steve Hrehovcik.

“Holly’s family and mine go back many years,” Hrehovcik said in the email. “When she asked me to illustrate her book, I was moved and motivated by her sensitive descriptions of the journey we all take. To create a graphic expression of her ideas has been a great honor and privilege.”

Hrehovcik lives in Kennebunk and has illustrated more than a dozen children’s books. He works in pen and ink, acrylics and pastel.

Holly Margeson, author of “Mr. Grievely – A Story of Grief and Love.” Courtesy photo

“Mr. Grievely – A Story of Grief and Love” is available in paperback on Amazon and at

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