Gun safety shouldn’t outweigh Second Amendment

To the editor,

This is a response to Representative Mark Malon’s editorial from last week about gun safety. I think he got one thing correct and that is “mental illness” is not the problem with guns. However, everything else he said was not correct.

• Most gun violence /shootings are actually suicides.

• An assault weapons ban goes against the Second Amendment

• Government can do things that save people like put barriers on bridges, fix the roads, etc., to minimize accidents; but when government starts taking away guns “for your safety” it crosses the line that our Founders never wanted to even approach.

Governments have always killed more people than gun owners have. I’m not a “gun nut”, but I am a “Second Amendment nut” because we have seen governments do things “for your safety” in the recent past that turned out to cause more mental illness, death, drug overdoses, abuse, dependency, etc. Guns keep corrupt governments in check. Dont be ruled by fear. Don’t let their disillusionment about the Second Amendment disarm the citizenry, because then you’ll really see lawlessness, corruption, and an overbearing, all-powerful government getting away with murder.

Ethan Alcorn

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